Our photoshoot day

When planning our new website, it was really important to us that we featured real JDS people and sites - so we commissioned a photographer to visit four sites, including MGM Timber, JDS Group, James Donaldson Timber and Donaldson Timber Engineering, to capture some photography.

The day started bright and early at 8:30am, and for our first stop we visited DTE to see the team in action. We were so lucky with the autumn weather as it turned out to be a bright and sunny day. This made photographing the outside areas far easier (and a bit more comfortable for those who were our models for the day)!One of our favourite shots is of sparks flying in the workshop which features Billy from the DTE team.

Before long, we were in full swing. We went on to visit three more sites - MGM Timber, JDT and JDS Headquarters, capturing the staff and the surrounding areas. We definitely have a few could-be models in our company - because some people were more than happy to pose away!

We managed to capture a huge variety of photos, from machines being operated to forklifts being driven.

A huge thank you to everyone who helped organise the photoshoot, and to those who agreed to be in our pictures - we really appreciate it.

We've featured some of our favourite pictures here for you to take a look at.