David has climbed the career ladder (and a few Munros!)

Name: David Seath
Job Title: Sales Manager
Company: James Donaldson Timber

David joined the group in 1985 straight out of college as a management trainee. The management trainee programme was designed to train new recruits in all aspects of the business from the saw mill, to designing and assembling roof trusses to accounting and sales. David quickly identified sales as the area in which he was best suited to excel in, and has since been a Sales Manager for James Donaldson Timber.

Despite being in the business for over 30 years, David says that every day is still a school day with its own unique challenges, yet he wouldn't have it any other way. We also know that with over 30 years experience, he's a great teacher for younger and less experienced colleagues too.

When we asked David what he values most about working for the group, he said that is the fact that as a family business, JDS "values the employee's input and rewards them accordingly", also adding that "the same treatment is levied for both suppliers and customers." The result of this is evident in the loyalty and commitment the staff, suppliers and customers have for the company. David has been with the company for over 32 years and has been working with colleagues, suppliers and customers who have been with the company long before he joined.

When he is not selling timber for a living he spends time with his family including walking his dog. If you want to climb a Munro in Scotland - David is your man to ask for advice! He's certainly climbed career heights in his role at JDT and we're delighted that David has been a core part of the team there for so long.