Welcome to our new website!

After months of meeting, planning and writing, we are delighted to finally unveil our new website!

While the various businesses have been focusing on delivering excellent products and services, the team at JDS have also been beavering away in the background to bring the group to life online.

JDS has achieved a lot since we last built a website, and we wanted something to really showcase our values, businesses and people. That's why you'll find lots of interesting areas on the site, including our history timeline, people profiles of different experts and professionals who work in the businesses and of course our values tree.

So please explore the site - you may discover things about the JDS group you never knew!

A big thanks to everyone who helped with this project - including the staff who allowed us to shoot photography and video while they worked away in the background, those who contributed to the planning and those who helped with content. It was a real team effort and we are delighted with the result.