Multi-skilled Kevin is our 'whole' in one!

Name: Kevin Gerard
Job Title: Yard Foreman
Company: MGM Timber Glenrothes

Kevin, who has been with MGM Timber for over 13 years, is currently the Yard Foreman for the Glenrothes branch, where he was promoted from the charge hand.

The thing Kevin enjoys about his role is the variety. One day he could be offloading artic lorries, the next day kitchens and the following day doing paper work and dealing with stock control. Kevin also enjoys being part of a great team and having the opportunity to interact with customers on a daily basis. As a team, their mission is to put customer service and quality at the core and ensure every customer is satisfied when they leave.

Outside of work, he really enjoys the company's annual golfing event which MGM Timber organises for its customers at the Murrayshall Golf Club in Perth. Perhaps that's because when he's not at work, you can catch him at the Leven Thistle Golf Club playing golf, which he does around 3 – 4 time a week depending on the weather.

Kevin is a skilled individual who takes on the variety of tasks his job demands with ease and enthusiasm. With such great attitude, skill and commitment to the business, some might say he's a real 'whole in one!' And we are definitely glad to have him as part of the JDS team.