Resident rocker Dave is looking after our Nu-Style customers

Name: Dave Brodie
Job Title: Project Coordinator
Company: Nu-Style Products

David (Dave) Brodie works for Nu-Style products, one of the latest businesses to become part of the JDS group. He has worked for the business for over 13 years, and has taken on various roles within the company before becoming a project co-ordinator.

Dave has clearly always been crafty and skilled - having worked as an antique restorer and cabinetmaker before joining Nu-Style. He even crossed paths with Billy Connolly in his time there! His story of how he came to join Nu-Style is an interesting one, and is absolutely a testament to the company's family roots. His wife, who also previously worked at Nu-Style would go home at night and talk about the work she'd done during the day. So when a position arose at the company - David jumped at the opportunity to join the team.

Working in a varied and challenging role, David ensures the Nu-Style team deliver the correct product on spec and on time for the customers. Having worked for the business before it was part of the JDS group, he has experienced a positive change - and has enjoyed the different work opportunities this acquisition has resulted in.

He'd sum up his experience as 'proud, supported and customer focused.' David is proud that the products and service are second to none, that he's always supported and that he and the team have an excellent customer service ethos - which results in very little negative feedback and great customer relationships.

A music lover, David is our resident rocker. Though he's always full of surprises and is partial to some classical too! Hearing that David is happy in his role at Nu-Style is definitely music to our ears - and we are looking forward to welcoming more people to the team like David as we continue to grow.